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clear premium thin disposable vape pen

Puffs: 300puffs
Battery Capacity: 250mAh
Oil Filling Capacity: 0.7ml
Dimension: 9.2*98mm
Resistance: 3.0Ω
  • O300

Melatonin Vape Clear Premium Thin Disposable Vape Pen

Zero nicotine content, 

all natural plant extract essential oil, 

harmless to human body, help you fall asleep faster....

disposable vape

melatonin vape

Melatonin Vape Parameters

Puffs: 300Puffs

Cartridge capcity: 0.7ml

Battery capacity: 250mah

Dimension: 9.2*98mm 

Resistance: 3.0Ω

Plastic tube, Silicone mouthpiece, Flat bottom cap

disposable vape

Disposable Vape Mouthpiece

disposable vape pen

Disposable Vape Bottom

disposable vape pen

Disposable Vape Surface

Melatonin disposable vape pen

Chamomile + Lavender + Theanine + Melatonin... 

disposable vape pen

disposable vape pen

disposable vape pen

Welcome to customized your own melatonin disposable vape pen...

disposable vape pen


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